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Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Another Day of Stress

Hey guys,

It's been incredibly stressful for me lately and especially this week because it's mid-term week. I have Exams after the other and I have papers due... not to mention I'M GOING TO CHINA THIS FRIDAY AND I HAVEN'T EVEN PREPARED MY PRESENTATION ABOUT THE FORBIDDEN CITY OR PACKED MY BAGS YET!!!!! I want to do well on my exams because it's the only thing that I can rely on. I totally bombed a quiz last week for my Judaism class, and because of that, I have to score really high on my mid-terms. I'm blown away at how far behind I am at everything... :O UuurrgghHH!!!!

I know I can't do this alone and so I found some ways of 'coping' with my stress.

1. I find that when I am stress, I  turn to Jesus Christ and my worries vanishes. I lean on HIM for the support. I would find my comfortable spot and pray to God for peace and guidance. I ask God to help me through my troubles. There is nothing better than the peace of Jesus Christ when I am stress. Amen?

2. I do something different. There is no point of trying to do something when your mind is overloaded and fried. Take time to relax by doing something different like going for a walk. Try something that would take your mind off the subject of stress and then when you feel better and calmer, you can come back to whatever you were working and be amazed at how much better you are retaining information. 
3. I love music, so when I feel overwhelmed with stress, I take out my guitar and I sing.

Let me know how you're week is going. Is it midterm for  you guys?

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