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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Am I Blogging?

Why am I blogging?

I have always wanted to blog but something that held me back was my insecurity about my writing. I took a writing intensive class last semester and my professor said something to me that hurt me. He said, " Almost every sentence is problematic." I thought to myself, WTF! What do you mean almost every sentence, does that mean that all my life, I've been writing wrong the entire time and no one took the time to tell me about my errors? Even though he said that, he also encouraged me and said, "Remember that Rome wasn't built over night," it takes time to be a great writer and practice will make perfect. So I brought it onto myself to write so that I can practice and before I know it, I'm will be writing like a professional. What do you think?? Sounds good??? 

Now, I've come with an idea about blogging a random day of my life hence the title "Another Day with Norma-Jean". I hope you guys take the time to read my post and comment me. I would love to know what you think about my post. I'm still new at blogging but I will definitely keep it up.

Thanks for the support,

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