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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hmong Online Translation!

WOW! There is a new online Hmong translator now! How cool! I've always wanted the internet to have one and now WE DO!!!

The Hmong community in the Fresno, California area were scared that the younger Hmong generations will lose their heritage and culture and so they launched the website. For more information go to here,

I believe many families of the Hmong community anywhere has this fear of loosing their culture and traditions, and luckily, has I grew up, I went to a church that spoke in the native Hmong language. My church was almost an educational institution teaching the young children how to read and write in Hmong along with Sunday School. I am very blessed that I am bilingual and very literate in both the Hmong and English. Unfortunately, my brothers and sisters aren't so literate because they were as exposed to the written Hmong language as I was. This new cool tool, will definitely help the new generations on their language. The issue now is how to read the words because you can have a tool to translate for you but you still won't understand how to pronounce it if you don't know how to read it.

You can check out the website at This website is pretty cool; I've already went on and tried a couple words and sentences. Some word are translated too literal so the translation is not correct to the word and context that it is being used. For example, if you wrote, "How are you?" the translation comes out saying "kuv noj qab nyob zoo." It basically said, "I eat well, Hello". It's probably best if you just wrote a word instead of a sentence because it will probably be wrong. There are some flaws to this cool gadget but none the less, it is very useful.  I'm proud of you, Hmong folks who came up with this great idea. Thumbs UP! :)

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