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Thursday, March 15, 2012

:( My Bunny is Gone

Hey guys,

I received a really devastating call from my mom that my pet bunny, Princess Namanuna, is gone. Today was a beautiful day with tempertures in the 80s. My mom wanted to let Namanuna outside to run and eat grass. My mom said that usually Namanuna never goes anywhere too far, and she will always come back to her cage but this time my mom was not watching her. She went back inside the house to do something and when she came back outside my bunny was gone. She was babysitting my little nephew, so she took him with her and searched around the neighborhood but could not find Nana. My mom believes something like a hawk must have took her because Namanuna could not have gone that far.

I'm pretty bummed about this.

I bought her last year in late September. She's a cute little black lionhead rabbit with a white stripe on her nose and hands. She's the cutest little thing ever, and that is actually why I bought her in the first place. She was the tinniest of the bunch with her cute feet. I live in a small college apartment where pets aren't aloud and during the time some maintenance was working on the apartment, so I decided to take my bunny back home where my parents lived because I didn't want to get caught. The holidays came around and it would have been hard to keep traveling with Namanuna so I decided to leave her there until the new semester came around. Things came up and I was going China, so I didn't want to leave and have no one to take care of Nana, so the plan was for me to take her back home this weekend because I would be free. I had all the plans laid out. All I needed to know next was bring Nana back home, but this unfortunate incident had to occur.

Namanuna was the middle bunny. This was the first day we shared with each other. 

She was such a beautiful and gentle creature. It's so sad that I had bought her and unintentionally neglected her. I'm a person who has so much love to give and I just wanted to love her so much but I was not able to because of where I lived. My dad hated Namanuna and he did not agree with her living in the house at all, but I brought her in anyways because I wanted her to live a happy life. She deserves it. It's so sad that my parents does not love things as much as I do. She was always caged up because they did not have the time to watch after her.

In October my dad was diagnose with a pinched nerve and diabetes. My mom had to take care of my dad and soon after that Namanuna wasn't getting the correct care and attention. My mom did the best she could to give take care of her and give her her essentials needs. I thank my mom for looking after Namanuna after all these months. I knew that Namanuna wanted personal interaction and so every time I went back home, I tried my best to let her out of her cage and play with her. I tried to make her happy with the little time that I had with her. I was hoping to go back home tomorrow and see her but this had to happen.

I suck as a caregiver and a person. :( I couldn't even make my bunny happy. I brought her to an unhappy life and a home where she was not loved and appreciated. As much as I want to go back and take it all away, I can't. I shouldn't have even bought her in the first place because maybe she could have found a better home she was loved. It's not that I didn't love her, I did but there was only so much that I can do. :( Am I wrong that she's gone now?

I'm worried that if she did run away then would she know how to take care of herself because she's always been a domesticated animal. But then maybe it's best that she's free because she can explore and do the things she couldn't with me. If something did get her then I hope to see her in heaven. She was innocent and she did not deserve this. It was all my fault. :(

Farewell My Love. You will always be apart of me.
Love, Mama Norma-Jean

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