Cutest little boogers ever!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Daily Encouragment and Devotion: Where I Find Peace...

Every single day, I wake up and I tell myself, "Another day, another blessing." I'm not sure about y'all but  I get easily discouraged, so this quote always keeps me going and reminds me that I am still living today because God kept me and my purpose isn't over. 

A little information about me, I am a really religious person who loves to talk about my faith, and I constantly talk to God as I walk to class or drive to work. I talk to God while I'm eating and while I'm showering. I always try my best to have a conversation with God because that is where I find peace and humbleness.  

Rather it be going to school all covered up so no one will notice me... Or going to school looking like the normal me... or winding down and relaxing...

It's always important that when people talk to me or see me that they don't see me, Norma-Jean, but the Lord Jesus Christ who's spirit dwells within me. Like the song, by Chris Tomlin, called Your Heart (David), "At the end of the day, I want to hear people say, that my heart looks like your heart, my heart looks like your heart. Unashamed I will dance, in your name, I lift my hand, till my heart looks like your heart, my heart looks like your heart." I will try my best to live every single second worshiping God with every ounce of my body. Hallelujah! :) This was just a post about where I find peace.


I went to work yesterday, and while on my lunch break, I saw this baby having a blast inside her nostril! D:          BOOGERS IN PUBLIC!!!
I wonder what she was thinking.

 Until again,

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