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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Namanuna Is Back!


I HAVE GREAT NEWS! My mom found my bunny Friday morning. She was actually stuck and trapped in my dad's garage. My poor bunny was trapped for a day and a half, and it really was a blessing that Namanuna was found before it was too late. She's so smart. In the garage, my dad has some chicken food in a sack; well, Nana actually bit a hole into the sack and ate some chicken food while she was trapped. AWWwwww


She is now safe and sound with me. I am very happy to have her back! I'll update more on Namanuna later!

A song that I'm in love with right now is "Bad Boy" by Big Bang. They are a South Korean boy band group. Here is the music video of the song. Check out this Kpop song. You'll like it.

Norma-Jean Cook

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