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Thursday, March 29, 2012

She Did Not Ask To Be Rape!

Check out the URL about the News Report:

I saw this news on an Asian social network, below the news report there were 300 comments talking about how it was the girls fault and that "she was stupid and was asking to get rape." I am as disgusted and disappointed in these people as much as I am with these rapists. Where is humanity? So I replied back, in the comment box, and this was what I said...

"This is very disgusting and disturbing. I want to say a couple words for those who are bashing and criticizing on the girl.

First of all, IT IS NOT HER FAULT THAT SHE GOT RAPED. Yeah, she did make a stupid decision, but I believe everyone should feel safe in whatever they do. She should be able to have fun without fear of being sexually abused. Honestly, maybe she knew the guys and maybe some of them were her friends, so even though they were gang members, she probably thought nothing bad would happen because she "knows" them. WHY CAN'T SHE HAVE FRIENDS WITHOUT FEARING THAT THEY WOULD RAPE HER?

I hate how people today have no heart or sympathy for the rape victims. I hate sayings like this, "Well, she was asking to get rape." No, NO ONE ASK TO GET RAPE. You cannot blame her it was her fault that she was walking home late, or that she wore a dress (a little too short or a little too tight). You can't blame her that "she was asking for it." She IS the victim, so instead of wasting your time making her the culprit, accusing her of her clothes being a little too tight or hanging out with her friends at night, try to do something proactive.

I believe that we can all do something to help in this situation. Educate the young men that it is NOT ok to touch a women in any way after she said, "NO". Teach the men how to be a gentlemen. Women should not need to be in fear that she would get rape. It should not be the women's fault. Teach our younger brothers, little cousins, and friends that it is not ok to touch a women in any way if she is INTOXICATED. Teach them to protect the ladies instead of hurting them.  "

This is very true guys. If we want to stop rapes or any kind of abuse, it should start with us. We should teach others. Anyways, I hope y'all have a good one.

God Bless, Be Bless.

P.s. Go out into the world and do one kind act, the world will be in a better place. Be your brother's and sister's keeper.

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