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Monday, April 9, 2012

My Mother Always Give The Best Advices

I was born into a family with 5 other siblings. My mother had 3 boys and 3 girls, and as I was growing up, I feel like I have always connected best with my mother. I don't want to be rude and say that none of my other siblings had that kind of relationship with her, but I was the second to the  last child and I was the baby girl. I was very obedient, and it seemed like everyone else were a rebel. And because I listened to her, she always thought me to be the bigger  and better person. At the time, I did not care much about these advices, but now, I realize how much these have helped me become a better person.

These are the best 2 advices ever:

1. "Hlub tus loj, zam tus yau." = "love the older ones, forgive the younger ones"
You have to learn how to respect and love the ones who are older than you. It doesn't matter if you were right and they were wrong, you will have to respect them. You have to forgive the younger ones because they are not as mature and they are bound to make mistakes, so forgive because they did not mean to hurt you.

2. "Txo yus lub hwj chim."  = "Humble Thyself"
You can't always walk around being a big bad@ss dissing everyone and being a conceited narcissistic person. You have to learn how to humble yourself so that others don't hate you and in the end, you become a great person. A perfect example is Jesus Christ, and I want to live a life just like him because he was someone who knew no sin but lived among the sinners so that he can fulfill his mission to the world. He was a very humble guy. :D

I understand now, how important it is to love others and humble myself. Thanks for reading, I hope you guys will read this and use it in your everyday life. Be patient my friend and everything else will fall into place with these advices and the Lord's help. ;)

Until Again,
Norma-Jean Cook

This picture was taken in 2010, Hmong New Year
Taken 10/10/10, My mother's birthday

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