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Thursday, March 29, 2012

She Did Not Ask To Be Rape!

Check out the URL about the News Report:

I saw this news on an Asian social network, below the news report there were 300 comments talking about how it was the girls fault and that "she was stupid and was asking to get rape." I am as disgusted and disappointed in these people as much as I am with these rapists. Where is humanity? So I replied back, in the comment box, and this was what I said...

"This is very disgusting and disturbing. I want to say a couple words for those who are bashing and criticizing on the girl.

First of all, IT IS NOT HER FAULT THAT SHE GOT RAPED. Yeah, she did make a stupid decision, but I believe everyone should feel safe in whatever they do. She should be able to have fun without fear of being sexually abused. Honestly, maybe she knew the guys and maybe some of them were her friends, so even though they were gang members, she probably thought nothing bad would happen because she "knows" them. WHY CAN'T SHE HAVE FRIENDS WITHOUT FEARING THAT THEY WOULD RAPE HER?

I hate how people today have no heart or sympathy for the rape victims. I hate sayings like this, "Well, she was asking to get rape." No, NO ONE ASK TO GET RAPE. You cannot blame her it was her fault that she was walking home late, or that she wore a dress (a little too short or a little too tight). You can't blame her that "she was asking for it." She IS the victim, so instead of wasting your time making her the culprit, accusing her of her clothes being a little too tight or hanging out with her friends at night, try to do something proactive.

I believe that we can all do something to help in this situation. Educate the young men that it is NOT ok to touch a women in any way after she said, "NO". Teach the men how to be a gentlemen. Women should not need to be in fear that she would get rape. It should not be the women's fault. Teach our younger brothers, little cousins, and friends that it is not ok to touch a women in any way if she is INTOXICATED. Teach them to protect the ladies instead of hurting them.  "

This is very true guys. If we want to stop rapes or any kind of abuse, it should start with us. We should teach others. Anyways, I hope y'all have a good one.

God Bless, Be Bless.

P.s. Go out into the world and do one kind act, the world will be in a better place. Be your brother's and sister's keeper.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hmong Online Translation!

WOW! There is a new online Hmong translator now! How cool! I've always wanted the internet to have one and now WE DO!!!

The Hmong community in the Fresno, California area were scared that the younger Hmong generations will lose their heritage and culture and so they launched the website. For more information go to here,

I believe many families of the Hmong community anywhere has this fear of loosing their culture and traditions, and luckily, has I grew up, I went to a church that spoke in the native Hmong language. My church was almost an educational institution teaching the young children how to read and write in Hmong along with Sunday School. I am very blessed that I am bilingual and very literate in both the Hmong and English. Unfortunately, my brothers and sisters aren't so literate because they were as exposed to the written Hmong language as I was. This new cool tool, will definitely help the new generations on their language. The issue now is how to read the words because you can have a tool to translate for you but you still won't understand how to pronounce it if you don't know how to read it.

You can check out the website at This website is pretty cool; I've already went on and tried a couple words and sentences. Some word are translated too literal so the translation is not correct to the word and context that it is being used. For example, if you wrote, "How are you?" the translation comes out saying "kuv noj qab nyob zoo." It basically said, "I eat well, Hello". It's probably best if you just wrote a word instead of a sentence because it will probably be wrong. There are some flaws to this cool gadget but none the less, it is very useful.  I'm proud of you, Hmong folks who came up with this great idea. Thumbs UP! :)

Much love,

We Have our Human Rights

Hey y'all,

I actually just got back from a class at 2:20pm and I was deeply moved by today's class session. This class is called The African American Church and the Civil Rights. This class is basically the study of the black church and how they have coexist with the Civil Rights movement. First of all, this is just a disclaimer, of course, I am not an African American person so I hope I don't offend anyone by talking about the Civil Rights movement and the pain of an African American person. I feel that because I am also colored minority in the U.S., I too have experience pain from the discrimination of others. My point is that I am passionate about people and the humanity of people. I believe that we are all born to be equal and that we are all brothers and sisters and the eye of the Lord. We are all beautiful people.

Today for class we had a guest speaker who was a former civil rights activist who have done a lot for basic human rights. His name is Charles Joan and he's 74 years old. From the way he carried himself to the way the spoke you can see, hear, and feel his heart. He basically told the class about his story of how he got into the movement, but every now and then he would dance and sing a hymn, and wow, you can see Jesus in him. As he sang, "this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine..." you can hear the pain in his voice, but yet you also heard joy, and if you were in the room you knew it was joy from the Lord.

The African-American folks have gone through a lot from slavery, lynching, underground railroads, separate but equal, bus boycott, freedom rides, freedom marches, sit-ins, hate and violent abuses. They have come a long way, but that does not mean everything is done and there is no more civil rights. Civil rights does not just mean our fellow black brothers and sisters, but it means everyone, even if your Hispanic, Asians, or Pacific Islanders, we all should help each other and stand for equal rights. Freedom does not discriminate your skin color, so it doesn't matter if your chocolate, caramel, peach, banana, or vanilla. We are all a apart of the human family. There is still racism here in the U.S.A. and prejudice stereotypes still plays a role in our everyday activities. We all should not live our life like everything is A-OK and there is nothing left to fight, but we should live your life asking ourselves, what more can I do? When you see a fellow brother or sister in pain, help them out.  Maya Angelou once said, "we are more alike, my friend, then we are different." I could not have said it any better.

For my fellow brothers and sisters who loves God, lets remember that if we claim that we love God then we must remember that we have to love HIS people too. I know that there may be times when others will hurt you and ostracize you,but the Lord will never forsake you and he will never put you in a position where He knew you couldn't  handle it. Amen? Amen.

Have a Blessed Day.
Until then,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beautiful Sky

These are some pictures of the beautiful sky that everyone forgets to look up at. The sky never fails to amaze me with all of it's beautiful colors of pink, orange, blue, and gold. I'm still in awe every time I think of the wonders of God and how HE created this world.

My Daily Encouragment and Devotion: Where I Find Peace...

Every single day, I wake up and I tell myself, "Another day, another blessing." I'm not sure about y'all but  I get easily discouraged, so this quote always keeps me going and reminds me that I am still living today because God kept me and my purpose isn't over. 

A little information about me, I am a really religious person who loves to talk about my faith, and I constantly talk to God as I walk to class or drive to work. I talk to God while I'm eating and while I'm showering. I always try my best to have a conversation with God because that is where I find peace and humbleness.  

Rather it be going to school all covered up so no one will notice me... Or going to school looking like the normal me... or winding down and relaxing...

It's always important that when people talk to me or see me that they don't see me, Norma-Jean, but the Lord Jesus Christ who's spirit dwells within me. Like the song, by Chris Tomlin, called Your Heart (David), "At the end of the day, I want to hear people say, that my heart looks like your heart, my heart looks like your heart. Unashamed I will dance, in your name, I lift my hand, till my heart looks like your heart, my heart looks like your heart." I will try my best to live every single second worshiping God with every ounce of my body. Hallelujah! :) This was just a post about where I find peace.


I went to work yesterday, and while on my lunch break, I saw this baby having a blast inside her nostril! D:          BOOGERS IN PUBLIC!!!
I wonder what she was thinking.

 Until again,

Sunday, March 18, 2012


This is my little cousins, Davanii and Sariyan

Namanuna Is Back!


I HAVE GREAT NEWS! My mom found my bunny Friday morning. She was actually stuck and trapped in my dad's garage. My poor bunny was trapped for a day and a half, and it really was a blessing that Namanuna was found before it was too late. She's so smart. In the garage, my dad has some chicken food in a sack; well, Nana actually bit a hole into the sack and ate some chicken food while she was trapped. AWWwwww


She is now safe and sound with me. I am very happy to have her back! I'll update more on Namanuna later!

A song that I'm in love with right now is "Bad Boy" by Big Bang. They are a South Korean boy band group. Here is the music video of the song. Check out this Kpop song. You'll like it.

Norma-Jean Cook

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break in China

Last week for Spring Break, I went to Beijing, China to study aboard. WOW! Where do I start?

Last last Friday, on March 2, 2012, I went on my first out of country flight ever! AHH!!!! I have the best and most supportive parents ever. They knew how scared, nervous, and anxious I would be, so the night before I left, they drove to Charlotte to sleepover and take me to the airport. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Anyways the plane ride there was terrible! D: I had a sucky seat and it was behind the restrooms, so I started getting nausea. The first 5 hours wasn't that bad, but soon after that I started to get really sick. There was really bad costumer service there also.  The flight attendant was really and they did not attend to my needs at all. :/ Luckily we arrived to Beijing in 13 hours. WOOOWHOO!

First evening, we had a welcoming dinner with our instructors. Eating legit Chinese food was real good. It was way better than any of the Chinese food over here in the U.S.

First day, we went to Tienanmen Square and The Forbidden City. It was really cool and pretty scary because when we were there, the China was holding a meeting for the Communist party and there were a lot of security. Popos were everywhere and when we were discussing about the events that took place on Tienanmen Square a couple of police questioned us if we were reporters and journalist. D: How scary. We could be in big trouble if we got caught talking about the massacre at Tienanmen Square.

The AMAZING Forbidden City

Jisang Park located directly across the Forbidden City.
After that we made our way to The Forbidden City because it was directly right across from Tienanmen. THIS PLACE IS AWESOME. It felt amazing to be here because it was the reason why I really wanted to go to China. I've always saw movies and dramas that took place at the Forbidden City, and what really pushed me to go to China was the Chinese drama called Bu Bu Jing Xing. It was a beautiful story based on historical events and it inspired me to visit this place. I am very VERY impressed by the all the details of the buildings. Did you know that about 100,000 artisans were hired to do all the details in the city?

Second day, we went to the Temple of Heaven. Wow, this place was pretty itself. While the Forbidden City was where the Emperor lived and where he practiced his supreme power, this place was the spiritual and religious aspect for the emperor. The Temple of Heaven was the place where he would sacrifice and pray to the gods and heavens for good harvest. Super awesome! Interesting fact, did you know that the reason 3 doors were created by gates to the palaces or temples were because it is believed that only the emperor can walk through the middle door. He was that holy.  Everyone else has to go around.

That same evening I went to a local bar near the hotel that we stayed. It was my first experience because for those who knows me, I don't ever go out to club or drink. :) I'm a goody good girl who enjoys having fun at home. But wow, it was very strange for me. I didn't drink even though China doesn't have a limit to the drinking age.

Third day was THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA! WOWWWW!!!! All the pictures and videos does not do the wall any justice at all! I believe something that makes this architecture so famous and interesting is because everything is so precise and at such a grand scale. All the little details are exact and the measurements of the bricks are almost perfect. They made this wall to follow the natural lines of the mountains. There's an amazing view from the wall of the beautiful mountains.  It's amazing and mind blowing. It is believed that the mastermind behind building the wall calculated so well that there was only one brick left unused after they finished the wall. "You are not a real man until you have climbed the great wall." - Mao Zedong.

Buddhist temple on the hill by the frozen lake
Fourth day we went to the beautiful Summer Palace. This place is GORGEOUS. This was a place where the emperors would come and relax. There is a lake located in the middle and from there you can see the Buddhist temple at the top of the hill and on the other side you can see a long bridge connecting to a little island. The water was half frozen, when I was there, but I can only imagine how beautiful it must during spring. It's amazing how this place still hasn't changed at all. In the Buddhist temple there is a 20 ton statue of the Bodhisattva Guan Yin. Wow! IT'S UNBELIEVABLE!

I'm the yin yang symbol.
Fifth day was the White Cloud Daoist Temple. There was less grand but still very interesting. Honestly, that day was really cold, so I did not pay much attention to the information given out. This place was also very religious, so you can smell the burning incense everywhere. We saw two Daoist monks who talked with us about their journey to the temple and their daily life as monk. They recited a sutra for the group and also prayed for us to be well and successful. Awwww... They are very sweet.

Sixth day we visited the Lamastary. This was a religious place where Tibetan Buddhism are practiced. There were a lot of people there, and i couldn't help but to be touched by their devotion. I'm a pretty religious person and when I see people who are that devoted about their religion it makes me smile. I don't necessarily agree with it but am impressed and inspired by their love for Buddhism. Burnt incense and fruits are brought as gifts to the Buddhist and Bodhisattva. This day was also freezing cold.

That night, half of the group went out to eat at a Korean BBQ place. VERY YUMMY INDEED. After that a couple of us wanted to check out a place where called "Disco Disco". We obviously thought it was a club and we were interested in going to it because we haven't went to one before. This random guy brought us into a building and took us down stair. From afar, you can hear the bass of the music thumping and you knew it was a dancing place but once we opened the door there was a girl dancing on a pole. :O WOOOOHHH, that was not what I expected. There was nerdy guy dancing so I decided to dance with him. He was pretty cool. Even though  he can't dance, it was awesome to know that he had fun.  Long story sort, we figured out this place was a prostitution place by the amount of hot and sexy girls that were there. I though the guy dancing with us was gay but I guess not. He told me that he was going to go upstair and suggested for me to go, but I didn't understand so I just nodded my head and smiled. He took a girl by the hand and went up; moments later, all the girls that were sitting together had all left up stair silently and all came down about 15 minutes later. It was a strange atmosphere when they came down. I wonder how much they got since all the girls were a part of it. Some where actually smoking suggesting that they must have been doing something. AHAHAHAH! It was starting to feel awkward so we left and went back to our hotel. It surely was "Disco Disco" alright.

The seventh day, was more of a relaxing day, we went to one of my instructor's old friend. She's an artist and what makes her so special is that she had polio and it left her bound to a wheelchair. She can't move much of her muscles and the only thing that she can do is talk. At the age of 60 something, she chose to learn English, and even though her words are limited, she is still very good at it. She's now 70 something, I believe. She's is a sweet old lady who is a great painter and has a beautiful heart. Her husband is still alive but suffers from Alzheimer, so you can imagine what kind of hardships she gone through. It is remarkable how loving and  humble she is. It's an inspiration. I bought a dragon painting from her.

In the new Beijing Airport waiting to depart
The eighth day was our last day there before we flew out that evening. Man, I saw the sun rise and set twice on the same day. How exhausting. I came back home last Sunday night at 11:30. So now I'm still very jet lag and that is why I am still up typing when I should be sleeping. I wonder how long is this going to carry on. I missed class this morning because I overslept. Hahahha. and it was at 12:30 PM.

Overall I would say that my favorite places is the Great Wall and the Summer Palace. That does not mean that I did not like the other ones, but these are the places that stood out to me the most because The Great Wall was spectacular and so big and the Summer Palace was so beautiful. I'm glad I went on this trip. I'm happy, and I'm proud of myself for being able to go to the places I have always wanted to go. I'm satisfied even though it was very costly. :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

:( My Bunny is Gone

Hey guys,

I received a really devastating call from my mom that my pet bunny, Princess Namanuna, is gone. Today was a beautiful day with tempertures in the 80s. My mom wanted to let Namanuna outside to run and eat grass. My mom said that usually Namanuna never goes anywhere too far, and she will always come back to her cage but this time my mom was not watching her. She went back inside the house to do something and when she came back outside my bunny was gone. She was babysitting my little nephew, so she took him with her and searched around the neighborhood but could not find Nana. My mom believes something like a hawk must have took her because Namanuna could not have gone that far.

I'm pretty bummed about this.

I bought her last year in late September. She's a cute little black lionhead rabbit with a white stripe on her nose and hands. She's the cutest little thing ever, and that is actually why I bought her in the first place. She was the tinniest of the bunch with her cute feet. I live in a small college apartment where pets aren't aloud and during the time some maintenance was working on the apartment, so I decided to take my bunny back home where my parents lived because I didn't want to get caught. The holidays came around and it would have been hard to keep traveling with Namanuna so I decided to leave her there until the new semester came around. Things came up and I was going China, so I didn't want to leave and have no one to take care of Nana, so the plan was for me to take her back home this weekend because I would be free. I had all the plans laid out. All I needed to know next was bring Nana back home, but this unfortunate incident had to occur.

Namanuna was the middle bunny. This was the first day we shared with each other. 

She was such a beautiful and gentle creature. It's so sad that I had bought her and unintentionally neglected her. I'm a person who has so much love to give and I just wanted to love her so much but I was not able to because of where I lived. My dad hated Namanuna and he did not agree with her living in the house at all, but I brought her in anyways because I wanted her to live a happy life. She deserves it. It's so sad that my parents does not love things as much as I do. She was always caged up because they did not have the time to watch after her.

In October my dad was diagnose with a pinched nerve and diabetes. My mom had to take care of my dad and soon after that Namanuna wasn't getting the correct care and attention. My mom did the best she could to give take care of her and give her her essentials needs. I thank my mom for looking after Namanuna after all these months. I knew that Namanuna wanted personal interaction and so every time I went back home, I tried my best to let her out of her cage and play with her. I tried to make her happy with the little time that I had with her. I was hoping to go back home tomorrow and see her but this had to happen.

I suck as a caregiver and a person. :( I couldn't even make my bunny happy. I brought her to an unhappy life and a home where she was not loved and appreciated. As much as I want to go back and take it all away, I can't. I shouldn't have even bought her in the first place because maybe she could have found a better home she was loved. It's not that I didn't love her, I did but there was only so much that I can do. :( Am I wrong that she's gone now?

I'm worried that if she did run away then would she know how to take care of herself because she's always been a domesticated animal. But then maybe it's best that she's free because she can explore and do the things she couldn't with me. If something did get her then I hope to see her in heaven. She was innocent and she did not deserve this. It was all my fault. :(

Farewell My Love. You will always be apart of me.
Love, Mama Norma-Jean