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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So He Confessed That He Likes Me

Hey friends,

How's summer coming along for everyone? I got myself a crappy full time job working my butt off but being underpaid. *SIGH* What a life!!!!

Something interesting that happened to me... A person who I have known throughout my entire childhood and even til now finally confessed that he likes me. We're just going to call him Blake Cole. I am not sure how react to it, so I talked about casually trying to not make our conversation awkward. Blake told me he really does like me and have had a crush on me for 2 years now. Just yesterday he asked if I liked him and I gave him an honest answer.

"I can't say. You know that I dislike indecisive people but I'm not sure where I'm at. I really appreciate everything you have done for me. You have always supported me, but I'm not going to fall for something that will hurt or disappoint me in the end."

He said, "Funny, seems like you're afraid." I replied, "Why shouldn't I be afraid? Have you shown me that you are reliable time and time again?" Now, don't get me wrong, like he said before, HE'S A GREAT GUY, but he has bad habits and these are habits that I can not tolerate like smoking. (He's trying to quit ATM.) Sometimes he's a butt-hole and argues with me. (pointless) If I know this about him already and he is still the same, why should I like him if I know it's something that I can not put up with?  (It's not that I'm afraid, but why am I going to put myself in a position where I know I will get hurt.) Blake then tells me he understands where I am coming from, and we sort of left it at that, but was I too harsh on him? Do you think he's hurt because I was too blunt? Are we really just friends or can there be more??? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Well Until Again,
Norma-Jean Cook